HP ProCurve – hidden commands

HP ProCurve devices have a hidden set of commands that can be helpful in troubeshootingu or other special operations network. The command set can be different depending on the device model and firmware version. And now, briefly, step by step how to turn the hidden command:

1. log in to the device using telnet or ssh
2. enter the command “edomtset” and press ENTER
3. re-enter the command “edomtset” and press ENTER
4. receive a warning about the availability of hidden commands, and the prompt will change from “#” to “$”

And so it looks on my HP 2530G-48

Switch# edomtset
Switch# edomtset
ATTENTION: You are entering a diagnostic mode on this product that is HP
Confidential and Proprietary. This mode, the commands and functionality
specific to this mode, and all output from this mode are HP Confidential
and Proprietary. You may use this mode only by specific permission of, and
under the direction of, an HP support engineer or HP technical engineer.
Unauthorized or improper use of this mode will be considered by HP to be
unauthorized modification of the product and any resulting defects or
issues are not eligible for coverage under the HP product warranty or any

logout Terminate this console/telnet session.
DEBUGIO Redirects output from all printf()'s to the screen
FORCE_REDRAW Forces the redraw of field labels in config screens
LABprototype Change LAB Prototype status
UPTIMESHOW Shows time the switch has been up
SESLOG Shows Session Log
DATAProtshow Show information on all dataProt semaphores
i2cw Write data to device using I2C Abstraction
i2cr Read data from device using I2C Abstraction
i2cdt List I2C Device ID table using I2C Abstraction
i2cst Perform a quick I2C test for all I2C devices
bspmemmap print an asic art diagram of the memory configuration
bspdebug set the BSP debug output level
getTaskCpuUsage get cpu usage for the task.
BCM Broadcom Debug: bcm 
UNIT_INIT Recommended Usage: [slot <number(s)>] unit_init
UNIT_UPDATE Recommended Usage: [slot <number(s)>] unit_update
L2CACHESHOW show the sw cache table for l2 user entry
UNIT_LINK Checks link state of slot's ports
MSGPoolshow Dumps the MSG pool
PKTPoolshow Dumps the PKT pool
BUFSHOW Dumps a MSG or PKT buffer
MMpoolStatsShow Show the MM pool allocation statistics
OOBMpoolStatsShow Show the OOBM pool allocation statistics
PKTpoolStatsShow Show the PKT pool allocation statistics
MSGpoolStatsShow Show the MSG pool allocation statistics
PKTPoolDatashow Dumps the PKT pool data
PKTpoolcrashifless Crash if pkt pool goes below this
CRASHLogfileshow Show all recorded crash log records
CRASHLOGClear Clear Crash Log: crashLogClear
CRASHData Show crash information
EVENTLogfileshow Show contents of the event log file
logFilterShow Show log filters information
clientServerInfoShow Information on registered Servers
clientServerConnShow Information on registered Client-Server connections
devIdleStatsShow Display devIdle stats
devIdleStatsClear Clears devIdle stats
SVCDEVshow Show the SVC devices
ghs GHS debug console
sortStack Show a list of tasks sorted by stack base memory address
searchmemory search for a value in a memory range
ghsHeapCheck Check the GHS Heap for corruption
ghsHeapStats Print out usage stats for the GHS Heap
ghsHeapAllocBlocks Print out info on all allocated blocks
ghsHeapFreeBlocks Print out info on all free blocks
ghsHeapBuckets Print out info on all buckets (VERY WORDY!)
mallocTest2 debug malloc routine
leakMem Leak Memory by malloc and not free
SocErrorShow Show socket errors
timeslicetest Test to make sure the OS is time slicing correctly
listTasks List taks matching the specified 
ltintegrationTimer View or set the ghs lt stats measure interval
PORTSETDescriptorS... Display contents of a portset desc
bfaDump dump bfa data
bfaClear clear bfa data
SEMAllshow Show information on all switch semaphores
EXCeption-ignore Manage the exception list
RTCHeck-ignore Manage the run-time check ignore list
OSALSEMshow Show semaphore internal information
SVC Service layer command
DSA2 Test mode command to generate DSA2 key/signature gen/ver
tls-min Set the tls minimum version and cipher suite for an app
DMACOUNTERSshow Show DMA Driver counters
DMACLEARcounters Clear DMA Driver counters
VERsion Display firmware version stamp
ROMVERsion Display ROM Version
SETTERM set the terminal to vt100 or ASCII
TIMERTEST test the svc timer
BOOTCOUNTER Number of times this switch has been powered up.
HReset Hard Reset of the Switch
UPDMAC Update the MAC address (AABBCC-DDEEFF) :
UPDMACNUM Update the number of MAC addresses
UPDSN Update the Serial Number
enablepcmds Enable PPMGR show commands
LED Turn all possible LEDs [on|blink|off]
SMode Set Memory Mode: sm [-l -b -h -w -a -d -n -i -c -s] Set default memory operation
modes (MOPT).
STFLASHCmd Test the flash integrity via Read, Erase & Validate
Read Read memory: r [MOPT] 
WR Write memory: w [MOPT] 
FILL Fill memory: fill [MOPT] 
ENABLESTBENCHCMD Enable selftest benchcmds
UPDMFG Update the specified manufacturing info
CLRMFG Clear the specified manufacturing info
UPDHWINFO Update the specified hardware info
CLRHWINFO Clear the specified hardware info
STREBOOT Reboot to Benchmode
SYSINFO Display system info
NSRSHOW Shows namespace statistics
NSSHOW Shows namespace objects info
NSTASKSHOW Show namespace info about tasks
nsaStats display NSA stats
nsaShow display NSA callback (none = display all)
taskUsageShow Show task-specific estimated CPU usage
taskUsageGroupStat... Show group summarized estimated CPU usage
taskUsageGroupMapS... Show task name to group mappings
taskUsageSet Set task tracker parameters
taskTimeShow Show task time used since boot/reset
taskTimeClear Reset total task time used
taskModify Modify the state of a task (halt,resume,etc)
taskUsageTaskMapShow Show internal to customer-ready task mappings
taskUsageSlotSet Set task usage parameters
taskUsageSlotShow Display task usage details
taskRun Spawn and Run the task "taskRun" for given interval time
assertCountersShow Show ASSERT counters
assertCountersClear Clear ASSERT counters
tlvShowCounts display TLV context stats
generateEvent Generates the given event ID
dType debug type set/clear
LLshow Detailed directory listing: llShow chain chain-name [set parameters]>KMS <add|del|set> key chain-name key-id [set
parameteres]KMS show
IPARTblshow Show route desc tbl
IPARCntshow Show route desc counts
IPAMArplistshow Show IPAM ARPs
IPAGWshow Show gateways
IPAOwnIpshow Show Own IP table
IPARadixshow Show Radix table
IPAREsolveroute Resolve IP destination
IPAREsolvefwdpath Resolve IP fwd path
IPATunnelshow Show Tunnel table
IPAMEMShow Show IPAM memory usage
IPAIfTableshow Show Interface table
ipamShowTech Show tech information for IP address manager master
ipamShowTechStaleR... Show tech for IP address manager master to show stale FIB routes
ipamConfigShow IpAddrmgr configuration
ipamDebugShow IpAddrmgr debug log status
ipamCountersShow Show IP master counters
ipamHostCacheShow Show master host cache memory usage and table
ipamNbrNUDTimersShow Walk and show nbr NUD timeout timer trees
ipamNotifyFuncsShow Show notification functions list
ipamRdTotalShow Show Route table total counts
ipamLogStats Show IP Addr Mgr message stats
ipamLogShow Show IP Addr Mgr message log history
ipamFailTimerDelay Set the IPAM failover timer value
ipamUnresponsiveHost Show the cache of unresponsive hosts
ipamStatShow Show IP Addr Mgr stats
ipamStatReset Reset IP Addr Mgr stats
IPASSHowtech Show tech information for IP address manager slave
IPASCONfigshow IPAM Slave Configuration
IPASDebugShow IPAM Slave debug log status
IPASCOUntersshow Show IPAM slave counters
IPASL3TablesUpdate... Counters for L3 tables updated for drop and copy
arpFlush Clear the ARP cache
IPshow Display switch ip tables
iputilCfgShow Show config information for IP utils
IPV4STATshow Display statistics for IPv4 packets
IPV4ERRORSTATshow Display error statistics for IPv4 packets
IPV6STATshow Display statistics for IPv6 packets
IPV6ERRORSTATshow Display error statistics for IPv6 packets
IPSYSSTATshow Display IP MIB statistics
TCPSTATshow Display all statistics for the TCP protocol
nslookup DNS lookup utility
ipIfmShowState Show info for IFM state machine
ipXmitArpRequestTest Test ip_xmit_arp_request
ipXmitArpRequestFr... Test ip_xmit_arp_request_from_ip
ipv6XmitTest Test ipv6_xmit_ns_request
ipShowTech Show tech information for IP stack
RVSHOWIfm Redundant management stats for Ifm
DHCPCOUNTERSshow Display dhcp counters
dhcpAllowShortLease Allow very short lease time for testing
DHCPv4PrintOptions Displays all DHCP options on a vlan
DHCPv4PrintHostnam... Displays hostname specific configurations on a vlan
DHCPv4PrintVendorS... Displays all vendor specific configurations on a vlan
DHCPv4ParseOptions Displays all DHCP options on a vlan
ghsNetStatShow Show the GHS routing table, TCP/UDP sockets tables per vrf
ghsDevDriverShow Show GHS interface specific stats and configurations
rtMgrMemShow Dumps RouteMgr Memory usage
cListShowList Test routine for Show
cListShowHitcount Test routine to display hitcount
cListEntryDisplay Test routine to print cListEntry array
cListEntryStopDisp... Test routine to stop print cListEntry array
cListSetLogTime Test routine to set acl log timer
cListDisplayipAclF... Test routine to print the ipAclFilterHandle array
cListMirrDelete Test routine for deleting am irror session
cListMirrGetDestBits Test routine for getting the mirror destination bits for a mirror policy
cListMirrGetDestFo... Test routine for getting the mirror destination bits for a specific rule in a mirror policy
cListEntryCount Display the number of ACL/classifier entries
DHCPv6CSetTraceMask Used to set the dhcpv6 client trace mask
DHCPv6CEnable Used to enable dhcpv6 client on a vlan
DHCPv6CDisable Used to disable dhcpv6 client on a vlan
DHCPv6CLogThrottle Used to enable/disable dhcpv6 client log throttling
DHCPv6CMemStatsShow Used to print memory statistics
DHCPv6CConfigShow Used to print runtime configuration
DHCPv6CStatsShow Used to print runtime statistics
DHCPv6CStatsClear Used to clear runtime statistics
DHCPv6CVlanOper Used to simulate Vlan operations
DHCPv6CSetAuthParams Sets auth params
DHCPv6CPrintAuthPa... Sets auth params
DHCPv6CTestParseOp... Test option parsing
UDPFSTATINFO Display the Counters for UDP Forwarding and DHCP Relay Agent.
timep_show Show recent timep status
srcipShow Display Source IP info (use "help" to see all cmds)
httpShowSocketPool Display HTTP socket pool
httpdatatest Uncompress HTML data and show
httpauthtest Send fake auth done message
httpShowUsage Display http usage
httpByodRedirect Start or stop http redirect
httpEwaShow Show EWA server status
mstpShow Display MSTP info (use "help" to see all cmds)
mstpDbg MSTP Debugger
GStateDisplay Displays the garp state of the port
GVRPPConfig GVRP Port Configuration (Learn/Block/Disable)
GVRPPState GVRP Port State (RegState - Fixed/No/Normal)
GVRPSTat GVRP Statistics
GVRPPortInfo GVRP Port Information
pvstShow Display PVST info (use "help" to see all cmds)
pvstShowDbgCtrs Display PVST Dbg Ctrs for vlan# port#
pvstSetNearStarved... set the nearStarvedBpduFactor vlan# port# value as in (3*hello -x)
pvstShowStarvation... Display PVST Debug Starvation Ctrs (TIMER_TICK_EXCEED & UNBUNDLING_EXCEED)
pvstClearStarvatio... Clear PVST Debug Starvation Ctrs
pvstShowDbgLogBuf Display pvstDbgLog[][] buffer
pvstDbg PVST Debugger
LOOPPROTECTshow show internal loop protect information
RVSHOWloopprotect show internal loop protect information for redundancy-verify
dcaClient dcaClient 
idmAclShow Show IDM ACLs.
idmAclApply Apply IDM ACLs for testing
idmCosApply Apply IDM CoS and rate limits for testing
authShow Display Authentication info (use "help" to see all cmds)
PA PA <show|set|init> show [port-number] [counters] set [port-number] [disable|enable|var-name ] init
[port-number] [counters]
PAS PAS <show|set|init> show [port-number] set [port-number] [disable|enable|var-name ] init
webmacauthdefault Clear web, MAC and Local mac-auth config records (all ports)
macauthstart Start MAC Auth
macauthConfigshow Show MAC auth config
macauthclientstatu... Show MAC auth client status
macauthportstatuss... Show MAC auth port status
localmacauthstart Start Local MAC Auth
localmacauthconfig... Show Local MAC Auth config
localmacauthclient... Show Local MAC auth client status
localmacauthportst... Show Local MAC auth port status
wmaDhcpShow Show DHCP server status
wmaEwaShow Show EWA server status
webAuthClient Client for testing web-based authentication
wmaDriverShow Show WMA Dev Driver specific stats and configurations
wmaDriverDebugEnable Enable WMA Dev Driver debug printing
wmaNetStat Show NetStat content for the WMA VRF Instance
wmaRedirectStatShow Show mac-auth http-redirect statistics
waDhcpsCounters Command to display Web Auth DHCPS counters
lmaDbUtil lmaDbUtil <isMacExist|traverseLmaProfTbl|traverseLmaMacTbl|clearLmaMacTbl>isMacExist mac 
rvShowLmaDb rvShowLmaDb
autzShow Display Authorization info (use "help" to see all cmds)
slogShow show syslog data
syslogTestSend Send syslog msg (test)
slogTlsLog Test syslog over TLS
IMAGELOCKshow Show recent lock/unlock on the switch image
mlshow Display mac lockdown and lockout info
cdp_show Show cdp packet information
cdpRunMode CDP mode
lldpShow Show lldp information
lldpRecordsClear clear lldp neighbor information
lldpClearCounters clear lldp rx and tx counters
lldpAppDataShow Displays lldp serviceframework data structures
lldpEeeTlvShow Shows the local and remote EEE TLV data
lldpEeeGenEvent Helps to generate L1 events to LLDP from testmode
lldpPoeShow Show lldp Poe specific information
EASESHOW Display EASE information
SFLOWMULTIPLIERSHOW Display SFlow multiplier information
sntp_show Show recent sntp status
GPPCV2TablesShow Display GPPCV2 tables
GPPC2ClsEntryTest Test routine for GPPCv2 Policy Entries
smartlinkGroupInfo... Display groupInfo of a smartlink group
rvshowsmartlink rvshowsmartlink
cronTest Show cron subsystem status
byod-redirectDNSTest DNS resolving portal server url's FQDN
CFGSHOWINFO Display all config instrumentation.
CFGSHOWNODES Display current node values.
CFGSHOWCFG Display current config values.
CFGSHOWMEM Display current memory values.
CFGSHOWHASH Display running/startup config hash.
CFGSHOWSCHEMA Display current config schema.
CLICmdList Displays the list of CLI commands
CLICmdHelp Generates xml tree of all CLI commands.
CliConfigTest Verify CLI generation/Xlate function
NEGINIT Init link logging
NEGLINK Enable disable link logging
NEGFAULTS Show neg faults
NEGLOSSLOG Show neg faults
NEGLINKLOG Show neg faults
NEGCLEARLOG Clear link and loss logs
SPORTRECSHOW Display PPMGR Slave Port Record: Sportrecshow [portNum].
BCMSCHANMEMERRCHKCMD Check the count of s-chan errs.
DEAD_PHY_CHECK_CMD Setup a dead phy situation - check FFI .
PSP Suspends physical port manager and its monitor task.
TRACEVIEWALL View all trace
TRACEMAX Change max lines of tracing
PPMGRTRACESTATUS Show ppmgr trace settings
PPMGRTRACEPORTADD Add a port to tracingi list( 0 for all ports)
PPMGRTRACEPORTDEL Delete a port from trace list(0 for all ports)
PPMGRTRACELEVEL Change level of tracing
HSTEST Test ppmgr hotswap cleanup.
PHYSHOW Show Phy/SFP/X2 registers.
PORTPHYTEMPSHOW Show Phy temperature of the port.
PHYREGDUMP Dump PHY Registers.
ppmgrXcvrInsert Simulate xcvr insertion
ppmgrXcvrRemove Simulate xcvr removal
XCVRRECSHOWCMD Print out Transceiver init info.
GENDRVSLVREAD Read the generic driver info for a port #.
JUMBOSSHOWCMD Print out Jumbos info.
ppmgr_statemachine... Print Port and Xcvr SM info.
ppmgr_poll_interval Changes behavior of PPMGR polling.
ppmgr_debug Changes behavior of PPMGR debug.
PAGEDPHYSHOW Show PHY registers of page based PHY Registers.
ppmgr_num_ports_up Print type and no.
PORTReserve Reserve/Unreserve a port as port type.
eeeShow Show EEE registers.
ff_show Show Fault Finder data structs
ff_mask Show Fault Finder mask
ff_isTestOK Queries FF if sufficient time remains for test
ff_interval_count Returns the polling interval counts
ff_long_interval_c... Returns the long polling interval counts
ff_bcast_set Sets Fault Finder broadcast data structs on Slave
cntrs_port Retrieve counters of a single port.
cntrs_portgrp Retrieve grouped counters of a single port.
cntrs_addportcntrs Adds to SW copy of a counter of a port.
cntrs_hw_addportcntr Adds to a HW counter of a single port.
cntrs_hw_readportc... Reads a HW counter of a single port.
cntrs_hw_clearport... Clears a HW counter of a single port.
MTMTraceMask displays trace mask
MTMSetTraceBit sets trace bit (0-31)
MTMClearTraceBit clears trace bit (0-31)
MTMVlanShow diplays mtm info for all vlans or specified vlan
MTMShow diplays mtm info for mtm application
MTMSL2EShow displays all SL2E entries
MTMFilterShow displays all Filter entries
MTMEnableThrottling Enables Throttling feature in MTM
MTMDisableThrottling Disables Throttling feature in MTM
MTMI6VBCEnable runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlEnable(VLAN_t v)
MTMI6VBCDisable runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlDisable(VLAN_t v)
MTMI6VBCFilterGrou... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupAddAnySource(VLAN_t, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, PORT_MAP *pPM, boolean
MTMI6VBCFilterGrou... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupRemove(VLAN_t vlan, IP6Ptr_t pGroup)
MTMI6VBCFilterGAddP runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupAnySourceAddPort(VLAN_t, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, LPORT_t port)
MTMI6VBCFilterGRem... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupAnySourceRemovePort(VLAN_t, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, LPORT_t port)
MTMI6VBCFloodGroup... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFloodGroupAddAnySource(VLAN_t, IP6Ptr_t pGroup)
MTMI6VBCFloodGroup... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFloodGroupRemove(VLAN_t vlan, IP6Ptr_t pGroup)
MTMI6VBCFilterGrou... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupSrcAdd(VLAN_t, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, IP6Ptr_t pSrc, PORT_MAP *pPM,
boolean *pPending)
MTMI6VBCFilterGrou... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupSrcRemove(VLAN_t vlan, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, IP6Ptr_t pSrc)
MTMI6VBCFilterGSrc... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupSourceAddPort(VLAN_t, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, IP6Ptr_t pSrc, LPORT_t
MTMI6VBCFilterGSrc... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupSourceRemovePort(VLAN_t, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, IP6Ptr_t pSrc, LPORT_t
MTMI6VBCFloodGroup... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFloodGroupAddSource(VLAN_t, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, IP6Ptr_t pSrc)
MTMI6VBCFloodGroup... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFloodGroupSrcRemove(VLAN_t vlan, IP6Ptr_t pGroup, IP6Ptr_t pSrc)
MTMI6VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownEnable(VLAN_t, PORT_MAP *pPM)
MTMI6VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownDisable(VLAN_t)
MTMI6VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanFloodPortAdd( VLAN_t, LPORT_t port)
MTMI6VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownRemovePort(VLAN_t, LPORT_t port)
MTMI6VBCUnknownAdd... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownAddPort(VLAN_t, LPORT_t)
MTMI6VBCUnknownRem... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownRemovePort(VLAN_t, LPORT_t)
MTMI6VBCUnknownRep... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownReplacePortMap(VLAN_t, LPORT_t)
mtmNMRegisterNMCli... Registers Non Multicast Client with MTM
mtmNMUnRegisterNMC... UnRegisters Non Multicast Client with MTM
mtmNMModifyResvNMC... Modifies reservations for Non Multicast Client
mtmNMAllocResNMCli... Allocates resource to Non Multicast Client
mtmNMDeAllocResNMC... free an allocated resource from the Non Multicast Client
mtmNMRemAllResNMCl... free all the allocated resources used by the Non Multicast Client
mtmNMUpdPortToResN... update a port for an allocated non mcast resource
mtmNMSMMAllocResNM... Allocates resource to Non Multicast Client On Standby
mtmNMSMMDeAllocRes... free an allocated resource from the Non Multicast Client on Standby
mtmNMSMMRemAllResN... free all the allocated resources used by the Non Multicast Client on standby
mtmNMSMMUpdPortToR... update a port for an allocated non mcast resource on standby
mtmNMShowNMClientS... shows Non Multicast clients statistics
mtmNMShowNMFilterS... shows Non Multicast Filter statistics
MTMI4VVlanShow diplays mtm ipv4 info for all vlans or specified vlan
MTMI4VBCEnable runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlEnable(VLAN_t v)
MTMI4VBCDisable runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlDisable(VLAN_t v)
MTMI4VBCFilterGrou... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupAddAnySource(VLAN_t, IP4Ptr_t pGroup, PORT_MAP *pPM, boolean
MTMI4VBCFilterGrou... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupRemove(VLAN_t vlan, IP4Ptr_t pGroup)
MTMI4VBCFilterGAddP runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupAnySourceAddPort(VLAN_t, IP4Ptr_t pGroup, LPORT_t port)
MTMI4VBCFilterGRem... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupAnySourceRemovePort(VLAN_t, IP4Ptr_t pGroup, LPORT_t port)
MTMI4VBCFloodGroup... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFloodGroupAddAnySource(VLAN_t, IP4Ptr_t pGroup)
MTMI4VBCFloodGroup... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFloodGroupRemove(VLAN_t vlan, IP4Ptr_t pGroup)
MTMI4VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownEnable(VLAN_t, PORT_MAP *pPM)
MTMI4VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownDisable(VLAN_t)
MTMI4VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownAddPort( VLAN_t, LPORT_t port)
MTMI4VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownRemovePort(VLAN_t, LPORT_t port)
MTMI4VBCDelayedFlu... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlDelayedFlushEnable(VLAN_t, LPORT_t port)
MTMI4VBCDelayedFlu... runs Mtm_IPv4VlanBridgeControlDelayedFlushDisable(VLAN_t, LPORT_t port)
lsaLogEnable 0-disable,1-enable
lsaLog 0-all,1-new,2-old,3-changed
spfLog get spf time
rtstackMemTracker Display Memory used by Router Stack
nhRouteMemory Show Route Table Memory Stats
nhIPv4RouteSummary Show IPv4 Route Table Statistics
nhIPv6RouteSummary Show IPv6 Route Table Statistics
mioInstLog Show mio instrumentation log
gatedInstLog Show GateD instrumentation log
gatedOspfSockOpt Display/Configure Ospf Sock Options
MLDTraceMask displays trace mask
MLDSetTraceBit sets trace bit (0-31)
MLDClearTraceBit clears trace bit (0-31)
MLDVlanEnable enables mld for a specified vlan
MLDVlanDisable disables mld for a specified vlan
MLDGroupShow shows group info for all vlans or specified vlan and optional group
MLDVlanConfigShow shows protocols configuration variables
MLDGroupSrcShow shows group Src info for a specified vlan,group and src
MLDShow shows mld application info
MLDMemShow shows mld application Mem info
MLDVlanShow shows mld status for a vlan
MLDVlanEnableRouting enable routing on vlan
MLDVlanDisableRout... disable routing on vlan
MLDEnablePortFastL... enable fastlearn on port
MLDDisablePortFast... disable fastlearn on port
MLDTimerTickTunerP... Mld timer tick tuner percentage
MLDIncreaseMemoryL... Mld Increase Memory Limit
MLDVlanSetQueryParam Mld Vlan Set Query Param
MLDForcedFastLeave... Mld forced fastleave timeout
MLDPktThrottleShow Show the packet queue depth for throttling
MLDPktThrottleSet Set the packet queue depth for throttling
MLDEnableGSSQForDe... enable GSSQ for Deleted Src
MLDDisableGSSQForD... disable GSSQ for Deleted Src
IGMPTraceMask displays trace mask
IGMPSetTraceBit sets trace bit (0-31)
IGMPClearTraceBit clears trace bit (0-31)
IGMPVlanEnable enables igmp for a specified vlan
IGMPVlanDisable disables igmp for a specified vlan
IGMPGroupShow shows group info for all vlans or specified vlan and optional group
IGMPVlanConfigShow shows protocols configuration variables
IGMPGroupDetailShow shows group detailed info for a specified vlan and and group
IGMPShow shows igmp application info
IGMPVlanShow shows igmp status for a vlan
IGMPStaticGroupAdd Adds Static Group on a specified vlan
IGMPStaticGroupRem... Removes added Static Group on a specified vlan
IGMPPktThrottleShow Show the packet queue depth for throttling
IGMPPktThrottleSet Set the packet queue depth for throttling
IGMPQuerierWaiting enable/disable querier waiting
IGMPJoinPriority increase/reset join packet priority
IGMPVlanCounterShow show igmp vlan specific counters
IGMPRFC4541QueryFe... enable/disable RFC4541QueryFeature
CLITOMIBDisplay display CLI to SNMP objects
sendTrap generate and send specified SNMP trap
dumpSwitchErrorMsg... Dump the switch error message Table content
TR69DeleteAllFiles Delete all TR-069 configuration and state files from RAM and flash.
TR69DisableCwmpFor... Disable CWMP (TR-069 control task) forcibly.
TR69SetLoggingLevel Set the logging level
TR69ShowLog Show the TR-069 client log
TR69ShowLoggingLevel Shows the current logging level

backup Backup next startup-configuration file to TFTP server
boot Reboot the device.
clear Clear table/statistics.
clock Display/set current time, date, and local time parameters.
command-alias Specify command alias
configure Enter the Configuration context.
copy Copy datafiles to/from the switch.
debug Enable/disable debug logging.
delete Delete a file
end Return to the Manager Exec context.
erase Erase stored data files.
getMIB Retrieve and display the value of the MIB objects specified.
getNextMIB Retrieve and display the value of the next MIB object for each OID specified
kill Kill other active console, Telnet, or SSH sessions.
log Display log events.
print Execute a command and redirect its output to the device channel for current session.
process-tracking Enable process tracking for active management module or specified interface modules.
reboot Reboot system/board/card
redo Re-execute a command from history.
reload Warm reboot of the switch.
rename Change the name of the configuration OLDNAME to NEWNAME.
repeat Repeat execution of a previous command.
reset Reset operation
restore Restore next startup-configuration file from TFTP server
return Exit to User View
save Save current configuration
schedule Schedule system task
screen-length Specify the lines displayed on one screen
session Enable/disable show message type or cli interactive mode on the switch.
setMIB Set the value of a MIB object.
setup Enter the 'Switch Setup' screen for basic switch configuration.
ssh Initiate a SSH client session to another network device.
startup Specify system startup parameters
startup-default Set the default configuration file.
system-view Enter the System View.
task-monitor Enable the task monitoring of the specified feature.
telnet Initiate an outbound telnet session to another network device.
terminal Set the dimensions of the terminal window.
test Run diagnostic tests.
update Enter Monitor ROM Console.
walkMIB Walk through all instances of the object specified displaying the MIB object names, instances and values.
write View or save the running configuration of the switch.

chassislocate Control the chassis locate LED.
display Display current system information.
enable Enter the Manager Exec context.
exit Return to the previous context or terminate current console/telnet session if you are in the Operator
context level.
link-test Test the connection to a MAC address on the LAN.
logout Terminate this console/telnet session.
menu Change console user interface to menu system.
page Toggle paging mode.
ping Send IPv4 ping request(s) to a device on the network.
ping6 Send IPv6 ping request(s) to a device on the network.
quit Exit from current command view
show Display switch operation information.
traceroute Trace the IPv4 route to a device on the network.
traceroute6 Trace the IPv6 route to a device on the network.
verify Verify the signature of a switch firmware image.

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