XenServer – virtual machine’s force shutdown

Sometime administrator cannot shutdown virtual machine in normal way. So, it’s simple how to do it by force.

WARNING: Shutdown of virtual machine by force will lose unsaved data and may cause damage installed operating system. However, it may be the only way to regain control of the virtual machine.

1. If you use HA, turn off it.

2. Login to host via SSH.

3. Display virtual machines list:

xe vm-list

4. First try to stop VM by:

xe vm-shutdown uuid={uuid maszyny} force=true

5. If it not help, use CTRL+C to break and try to restart VM by “power reset”:

xe vm-reset-powerstate uuid={uuid maszyny} force=true

6. If this not help, you have to remove domain. Fires display list of domains:


7. Using domain ID, remove it:

/opt/xensource/debug/xenops destroy_domain –domid {DOMID}

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